More Testimonials

““Thank you for the tremendous work on our Reinsurance Audit. The initial meeting we had at the NAMIC Management Conference provided a helpful introduction to your services. From that point, you exceeded our expectations throughout the project. Your analysis was thorough and highlighted your unique expertise. You even helped us clarify the application of our coverage which proved beneficial to Security Mutual. You provide a great service and one we will positively promote.”

D. (Roy) Hall, President
Security Mutual Insurance Co.

“ Thanks for the excellent job you did in researching our reinsurance recoveries ... it was a good feeling for us to have had the outside review. ”

Kent Osborn, Treasurer
Cameron Insurance Companies

“ As advertised, your service was performed with little to no disruption to our current operations. In addition, it appears the funds recovered would have been even greater had we engaged Reinsurance Results, Inc. sooner ... prior to the commutation of some of our historical reinsurance coverage. ”

H. Lamar Lee, President
American Resources Insurance Company

“ As you may recall, when you first contacted our office, I was reluctant to move forward with your service. This was primarily because I thought a review of our reinsurance processing would not yield any recoveries. Your findings proved otherwise and your technical expertise regarding the application of our reinsurance contracts was very insightful ”

Larry D. Trainor, President & CEO
Farmers Union Mut Ins MT

“ With your assistance, St. Paul’s Ceded Reinsurance Department exceeded our capital recovery objectives. Moreover, the added value of your analyses and procedural recommendations should yield benefits in the years to come. ”

Kerry Spaven, VP – Corporate Ceded Re
The St. Paul Companies

“ I found it interesting and educational to learn that the additional reinsurance identified from your service involved, for the most part, issues originating outside the immediate control and oversight of our reinsurance unit. Going forward we should be in a better position to identify and collect 100% of the reinsurance available under our contracts. ”

Lori Crotty, Reinsurance Specialist, RVOS
Farm Mutual Insurance Company

“ ... our most unique contract terms contributed to the under-billing of some of our reinsurance funds ... several individual claim recoveries involved our Equipment Breakdown coverage. ”

Michael Lyons, VP & CFO
The Patrons Group

“ We are pleased to advise that all funds identified as a result of RRI's reinsurance review have now been collected. Given our geographic spread of risk together with our emphasis on casualty business, our exposure to property catastrophe loss is fairly limited. Nevertheless, you were successful in identifying additional loss recoveries on two catastrophe events sustained by our office. ”

Nicholas J. Lannutti, President & CEO
Workmen's Insurance Group

“ We are extremely satisfied with the results of your work, and for once, I feel like I got my money’s worth from an outside consultant. ”

Mike Michael, President
Employers Security Insurance Company

“ Your ability to work with a minimal involvement from our staff made this project worthwhile. ”

Jeffrey B. Kusch, CPA, President & CEO
Austin Mutual Insurance