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About Reinsurance Results


Whether the result of inadvertent oversights or more complex miscues, reinsurance processing errors cost insurance companies millions of dollars each year. As an independent company formed in 1998, Reinsurance Results, Inc. specializes in the identification and recovery of under-ceded reinsurance loss and overpaid reinsurance premium. Since our inception, we have identified funds due our customers on every reinsurance program reviewed. Other highlights:

  • Per project, we have identified an average of over $2M of recoveries due our customers. These are previously “unidentified” reinsurance recoveries – not collections on “known” recoveries. 
  • Our entire review is conducted remotely, requiring no on-site presence.
  • There is no disruption to your operations or your existing reinsurance relationships – we become an extension of your resources.
  • Our analysis helps to ensure claims are reported to your reinsurance partners on a timely basis. Our goal is to enhance the value of your reinsurance.
  • When the project is complete, our final report includes recommendations for enhancing processes.
  • Our fees are directly tied to recoveries – there are no out-of-pocket expenses.


Companies that typically benefit from our service have reinsurance programs that:

  • Sustain elevated property catastrophe loss activity.
  • Blend a variety of reinsurance contracts with multiple lines of business.
  • Change coverage, reinsurer participants and/or those charged with processing the reinsurance.
  • Require processing of premium and loss by policy such as facultative, coded excess, or surplus share type reinsurance arrangements.